DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Batman Expressions Pack

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DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Batman Expressions Pack

Well, here we go again, this marks the fourth time Batman has been released in this line (Single, with Phantasm, with the Batsignal / Batmobile). This time the set features extra heads and multiple accessories and extra capes.

The many expressions of Batman.

Sadly the Bruce head is a total fail, as the connection makes him look like he’s got an elongated neck or something. What the heck were they thinking???




Various capes, sadly, there was supposed to be a fourth cape, the wide open one. it was later dropped to keep the cost down I guess. I think that would’ve been the best cape among them. Another downside is the lack of open hands for Batman, I think this would’ve been a nice add-on for the expressions.

Grapnel laucher

Infra red goggles (lol… Batman trying to be Cyclops?)

Gas mask

The bat came from the episode “Christmas with the Joker”. Where Batman uses the baseball bat to smash toy planes attacking the dynamic duo, after which Robin makes a pun about it.

Flare gun?

Other various stuff – Man-bat’s inoculation cure, knife (if I remember right, this popped out of Batman’s glove in one episode as he was tied up). I can’t recall what the one with button is. A remote detonator? I’ll have to rewatch all of my BTAS episodes to figure that one out.

Display base.

Interestingly the base features a spring clip to hold the figure in place, not a bad concept.

Unfortunately, it’s not strong enough to hold the caped crusader in mid leap pose.

Overall, it’s an ok set, but the lousy execution on the Bruce head and missing giant cape really dragged this down for me, plus it’s already the fourth time this particular figure’s been released in this line. I can’t say I really recommend getting him just for the new “extras” sadly.


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