DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Batwing

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DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Batwing

The box is huge! Measures 38.25 x 17.25 x 9.75 inches in dimension.

Hmm…. so they only made 8000 Batwings then?

I think it’s cool that the back of the box indicates the actual size of the toy inside.

The wings are packed disassembled from the main fuselage of the Batwing.

For those curious, the wings can be disassembled again after attachment (that was an issue for me back in the old Kenner BTAS Batwing vehicle).

To disengaged the wings, just press against these spring locks to release the clips.

Landing gears are located behind certain panels.

The electronics on this thing require 3x AA batteries to run.

Sliding canopy and c0ckpit

The backseat is revealed once you remove the cover. Makes one wonder what Batman used to put in that spot before he decided to add an extra seat in. More bat weapons?

The electronics only feature light up panels and boosters. No sound effects. Which makes me ponder why it requires 3x AA Batteries to power so few LEDs.

Single seater mode

Two seater mode

I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen but when I slide in the canopy, thanks to Batman’s pointy ears, the canopy elevates a bit, causing a gap in the canopy when it’s closed. I pressed Batman as far down as I can and I used the cloth caped figure. Still getting the gap every time. Strange.

As cool as the overall tooling of this vehicle is, I can’t help but notice this protruding screw at the tips of the wings. It just ruins the aesthetic for me. I wish they worked something else into this design.

Capture claw (for some reason, mine’s off-center, is this the way it’s really meant to be?)

Pretty huge and impressive, the whole Batwing spans roughly 24″ wide x 38″ long and 7″ high on it’s tallest point.

The vehicle also sports an impressive weight of 2242 Grams (over 2 Kg!)

The size of this vehicle is really impressive, I had to resort to using the floor to complete the pictures. Bravo DC Collectibles, bravo!

I shudder to think if they ever release a Batcave playset to go with this line.


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