DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Clayface

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DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Clayface

For some reason, Clayface was actually my favorite villain in the series. The Feat of Clay 2-part was really well made and I loved the way they did the animation, one of the best in the whole BTAS series IMHO.

The figure comes with 2 heads, normal and yelling.

Hey Bats! I’ve got an axe to grind!


Hook arm

You know, I never realized he had such small feet. Almost baby-like. Freaky…

Display base

“Somebody please put me in a Batman movie already!!”

I’m really glad DC Collectibles didn’t follow what Mattel did with their Clayface figure in the DC Superheroes line, that one was all rubbery all over and I worry it will deform one day in storage. With this figure, the only rubbery parts are the heads. So it’s not really a big issue.


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