DC Collectibles Batman the Animated Series GCPD Rogues 5 pack

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DC Collectibles Batman the Animated Series GCPD Rogues 5 pack

Box measures roughly 23 x 10 x 5 inches in dimension.

The left side of the box is supposed to fold out to simulate the front door of the Gotham City Police Department.

Impressively, the side section adheres to the main section by magnets! However, it’s a bit difficult to leave the front section facing forward as that section tends to fold back up on itself. I had to use a plastic block to hold it in place.

The Roof of the “building”

It’s super cool you can put the Batsignal on top of the roof. Talk about planning. Batsignal is sold with “cloth capes” Batman and Robin. It also came as a full package set with Batman, Robin and the Batmobile. More on that later.

The roof opens up like so.

One of the play features of this set are the light up LEDs. The battery compartment is on the roof above Mister Freeze.

Do note that THE BATTERIES COME INSTALLED! This can be a problem later on for sealed item collectors, when the batteries start to leak. The set runs on AAA batteries.

The switch for the lights is here. But mine tends to always stay on once I removed the seal on the batteries. Not really sure how you’re supposed to switch it off? It turns off when the switch is pressed but the box is incapable of holding the button down so it tends to always stay on.

Niiiiice. I really love this concept. Just wish the batteries didn’t come pre-installed.

I think it’s super cool they added little touches to personalize each villains’ “cell”.

Renee Montoya

One of the many good things to come out of the Animated series and incorporated later on into the mainstream comics was Renee Montoya. She’s a good cop and great addition as a supporting cast to Commissioner Gordon.

The items on Montoya’s belt are all sculpted on and cannot be removed.

Watch out when removing the shotgun from the weapon tray. I almost broke the handle on mine, It’s super thin and the tray was gripping on it very tightly when I tried to remove it.

Montoya comes with an alternate “hatless” head. But getting her default head off was a real chore. I ended up accidentally pulling out including her neck as well (yikes). Putting on the alternate head was a bit hard to do as well.

She also comes with her handy sidearm.

Gotham’s Finest

Display base


I never really liked Bane’s Luchador-inspired get up from the comics. It’s made even less intimidating by the added mouth-hole in the mask in the Animated series.

Bane’s only accessory is a dumbbell.

I’m not sure how the dumbbell is supposed to fit into his open “grip hands”, if at all. I just opted to place in on his closed fist and it fit in pretty well.

Display base

Killer Croc

Croc here is a good addition to this boxset, I don’t see him being sold if he was made as a single-pack release.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t come with any accessories, apart from spare hands. Not even a rock to throw at Batman.

Display base

Mister Freeze

Freeze is definitely my favorite of the pack. Gotta love the colors on this guy. My only gripe are the way they executed the elbows. There’s soft PVC “rings” there and I’m not sure if it will wear and tear later on. I would’ve preferred sculpted “rings”. As such I didn’t really “flex” the elbow joints.

Of course Mister Freeze comes with his freeze gun.

He also comes with the little “ice” sculpture of his beloved wife, Nora.

The glass dome is removable.

Display base

Poison Ivy

Surprising, for me, Ivy is the second best figure in this set. Similar to Mister Freeze, it’s like she walked right out of the screen and into the room. Gotta give credit to the sculptor.

The dart gun on her right wrist is soft, so it tends to be bent out of shape right out of the box.. sigh..

She comes with her precious pot of flowers.

Looking good, red.

More often than not, Poison Ivy almost always came in her “waiting for a bus” pose when it comes to her action figures. I think it’s practically expected of this figure to be able to pull of this pose as well.

Display base

The full set! With this release, the only guys we’re missing now from completing the classic rogues gallery are Season 1 Scarecrow and Two-face.

The box is one of the best reasons to get this set for me. You can set up a proper display diorama playset of Batman and Robin on top of the roof with Gotham’s finest along with the Batsignal.


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