DC Collectibles Batman the Animated Series Scarecrow

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DC Collectibles Batman the Animated Series Scarecrow

So it seems starting this wave, they started listing the number of accessories included per pack.

Unfortunately, it seems in an effort to cut costs, starting this wave they dropped the display base. Too bad. It was nice having those to help prop up the figs.

Doctor Jonathan Crane is a brilliant Psychologist who uses mind-altering chemicals to induce fear and paranoia in his victims.

He comes with a scythe (something we actually rarely see him use on the show). Too bad he doesn’t come with any pouches of fear toxin or such.

His costume certainly reminds one of his namesake from The Wizard of Oz.

Heh, for some reason, this version of Scarecrow’s mask always reminds me of Bugs Bunny’s Halloween get up from Broomstick Bunny (the one with Witch Hazel) from the vintage Looney Tunes cartoons. Intentional?

It’s a shame they didn’t include Scarecrow’s first appearance head here (Nothing to Fear). This head is based on his later appearances (Fear of Victory and Dreams in Darkness).

He comes with an unmasked head.

Is it just me, or does his unmasked head animation model closely resemble Montana Max from Tiny Toon Adventures??

In the later season of Batman the Animated series (The New Batman Adventures), we see Scarecrow wearing a new, scarier costume, but we never see him unmask, I wonder what Jonathan Crane would’ve looked like then?


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