DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series – The Batmobile

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DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series – The Batmobile

Box is huge! Measures 27″ x 7″ x10.5″

The Batmobile!

As cool as this is, it seems a bit too big?

Actual toy measures 24″x8″x5″


Lol… garterized seatbelts. Creative…

The seatbelts are a bit of a pain to plug in once the figure’s inside. Also, I recommend removing the capes if you plan to leave the figure inside the car indefinitely. As the paint might rub off on the seats (the black sides are the painted sides of the capes). But be warned that the heads are hard to put back into the pegs once removed.


Front wheels swivel (but not keyed into the steering wheel)

Batmobile weighs 1881 Grams!

3x AA Batteries required. Not included.

Lights on!

Lol.. Batman can’t reach the steering wheel.

The vehicle looks really impressive with the lights activated.

Overall, very nice, but it seems a bit too big next to the figures. Aside from the light-up gimmicks, there’s not much else. It would’ve been awesome if there were some sound effects or firing missiles or even the pop-out tire shredders from the old Kenner toy. Sadly, the whole toy feels more like a display piece. Still, it’s really beautiful to look at. I hope they release the New Adventures Batmobile next. .

One final word of warning, be mindful of how you slide the canopy open, if you press down too much it will scratch the surface of the hood.


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