DC Collectibles DC Icons Death of Superman – Superman Vs Doomsday 2-Pack

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DC Collectibles DC Icons Death of Superman – Superman Vs Doomsday 2-Pack

Removable outer box sleeve

Superman (battle damaged)

The Man of Steel has seen better days. Based on his appearance from his first big battle with Doomsday, Superman and his costume get beat up like never before. I’m genuinely impressed DC Collectibles went the distance and invested unique tooling for this figure. It’s highly unlikely we’ll see them use this sculpt for anything else again I think.

I never thought we would ever get a Superman figure this torn up. I love it!!

Supes comes with heat vision blast effects. They clip onto his nose bridge. The connection isn’t perfect and tends to fall off with the slightest tap but it is decent enough that it can hold on 4 out of 5 times.

Lastly, Superman also comes with a “power punch” effect for his right fist. The bad news is that its design is grooved only to fit onto his right fist, sadly, so it can’t be placed on his left fist.


The monster that killed Superman. Able to stand toe to toe with the Action Ace on raw strength, Doomsday was later on revealed (retconned?) to be Kryptonian in origin, thus supposedly seeking out Superman on purpose. Unfortunately, this figure is lacking the boney protrusions on his back for some reason, so he’s not visually accurate. An oversight? Or did DC Collectibles plan to reuse the buck for larger figures (like Darkseid) later down the line?

Doomsday features an adjustable groin joint system, so he can lift his legs higher than his “briefs” will allow.

I love the headsculpt on this figure.

The set comes with a torn cape accessory that you can attach onto Doomsday’s fist. It’s a bit off though, I couldn’t get all the holes on the cape to align properly to his knuckles. Strange. Ah well…

The cardboard insert can be used as a backdrop diorama, featuring the Daily Planet newspaper building.

Rock base with torn cape. I don’t think the “flagpole” can be removed from the base?

Rocky debris and pegs to secure them in place.

The pegs are fitted into slots in the rock base.

Two “sound effects” are also included with the set. Sadly, there’s only one clear post to slip them onto.

The clear post can fit into any of the slots meant for the pegs for the rock debris.

The stage is set

Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!

Heh, they even included a “dead” head sculpt for Superman!!!

Since the set doesn’t come with Lois Lane, the best we can work with is a rock mound to prop “dead” Supes up.

The Death of Superman scene finally properly recreated in action figure form (minus Lois Lane).

Overall, I love it! A truly amazing set! I passed on this the first time since I wasn’t into collecting DC Icons after DC Collectibles dropped the 7 inch figure line in favor of the smaller 6 inch series (the line turned out to be short lived), but after coming across this set at a sale, it was too good to pass up. A really, really, great, must-have set if you’re a DC comics fan.


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