DC Collectibles New 52 Darkseid

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DC Collectibles New 52 Darkseid

Darkseid in the New 52 is ridiculously massive! I’m not sure if this is done to scale as he appears in the comics, but it should be, seeing as how DC Collectibles went this far.

He stands at 13″

…. and weighs 1654 Grams (1.5 Kilos). Making him heavier than the DX Mazinger Z

He’s surprisingly got a lot of articulation, too!

It’s a shame he doesn’t have any joints to allow his legs to widen a bit. He doesn’t come with any accessories either.

Darkseid just towers over Superman


Darkseid can hold a figure in his hands, but will require some posing to properly keep it steady, like in this shot, Supes’ feet are on Darkseid’s thigh to keep him steady.

” ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’…. hah! Oh, wait…”

With his troopers, the Parademons.

Not bad for 4000 PhP. I do wish it was a bit smaller though, he seems too big IMHO, the older DC Direct New Gods Darkseid seems better fit with the rest of the figures.


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