DC Collectibles New 52 Green Lantern Simon Baz

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DC Collectibles New 52 Green Lantern Simon Baz

His arm has a tattoo which means “courage” in Arabic. It’s supposedly actually considered “haraam” or sinful in Muslim culture to have tattoos.

Simon’s only accessory isn’t even a Lantern, it’s a gun…

I don’t know, I can’t say I like the costume design on Simon, kinda reminds me of Kick-A$$ from the movie Kick-A$$.

Simon is credited in the future as having trained the first female GL from Earth, Jessica Cruz (they don’t have enough Earth GLs already??? )

Simon has the ability to push the his own limits and the limits of those around him. He is the first GL that actually has enough willpower to “will” the dead back to life.

The Earth-Based Green Lanterns of sector 2814.

Kyle Rayner (The Torchbearer)
John Stewart (The Bridge Builder)
Hal Jordan (The Greatest Green Lantern)
Guy Gardner (The Warrior)
Simon Baz (The Miracle Worker)


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