DC Direct Green Lantern Series 3

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DC Direct Green Lantern Series 3

Batman as Green Lantern
Cyborg Superman
Sinestro Corps Sinestro
Star Sapphire

DC Direct Batman as a Green Lantern.

Only lasting for a few panels in Green Lantern Issue # 9 , Hal Jordan actually lets Batman wear the Green Lantern Ring.

In the old 1994 Elseworlds “Darkest Knight” one shot, Batman is chosen by Abin Sur instead of Hal Jordan to be the Green Lantern. In a strange twist of Fate, because of Batman’s unwillingness to leave Gotham and Earth to patrol other sectors, the Guardians then select Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash to become new Green Lanterns.


Sinestro Corps. Sinestro (his jaw does not close).

With the JLA boxset Superman.

With Green Lantern.

With the Manhunter robots.

Sinestro Corps. Sinestro.

Feel the fear!!!!

With his protege Hal Jordan.

Choose your ending.

While this figure is very well sculpted, I can’t say I like how the legs are done, he’s fixed with the right leg posed in the rear, there’s just no other way to make him stand. Sigh.. I’ll never get why DC Direct can’t just release a simple, decent standing figure. The fixed poses aren’t that great.

Despotellis, the Sinestro Corps. virus-sized member who killed Kyle Rayner’s mother.

Sinestro, back when he was on the side of angels.

With Cyborg Superman.

Here’s hoping they do the remaining Sinestro Corps. team.

Star Sapphire


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