DC Direct ~ The Justice League of America Group Shots

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DC Direct JLA Various group shots

DC Direct Silver Age JLA

Based on the cover to Justice League of America Vol.2 #1 based on the art of Ed Benes




Interesting fact. there was an actual change in the position of the characters in the second reprinting of the comic.


Granted there are a lot of missing characters in the spread (Karate Kid, Tempest, the Question, Fire, Guardian), but I think the spread came out okay.

Here’s a little roster made adding a few more heroes into the mix.


DC Direct Grant Morrison/Mark Waid Era JLA

I really loved their work. I had stopped collecting/reading comics when I graduated high school, I got interested in reading them again a few years later when I read Mark Waid’s JLA : Tower of Babel and backtracked the JLA TPBs.

DC Direct Unmasked heroes


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