DC Direct Unlimited Starcraft 2 Jim Raynor

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DC Direct Unlimited Starcraft 2 Jim Raynor

I’m a big fan of the Starcraft strategy games. So I really wanted this figure based on the main “Terran” hero James Raynor.

Unfortunately, this 9” figure has zero points of articulation, making it a “station” (static action) figure. For something that costs close to $30.. that’s really disappointing. I passed on getting Zeratul and the rest of the line.

Lol, I never noticed Jim has a pack of smokes tucked away in his sleeve.

Figure comes with 2 guns (one with a really long belt of ammo) and a base featuring a Zerg Hydralisk fossil.

Trying to get this gun into his left hand took a lot of work. But it turns out you just have to pry the thumb wide open and slot the gun in.


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