DC Direct’s Shazam series.

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DC Direct’s Shazam series.

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SHAZAM stands for:
-the wisdom of Solomon
-the strength of Hercules
-the stamina of Atlas
-the power of Zeus
-the courage of Achilles
-and the speed of Mercury

The wave also includes the variant white Mary Marvel.

I don’t know.. is it just me or do Captain Marvel and Billy Batson look a little too Asian?

And of course Capt’s most frequent foes, the mad scientist Dr. Sivana and the alien worm, Mr. Mind.

Currently Captain Marvel’s changed his appearance to a white costume with long white hair, he has taken the place of the Wizard Shazam and Captain Marvel Junior is trying to prove his worth as a replacement for Captain Marvel.

I’m not quite sure how Hoppy the rabbit fits into this, I wish they gave us uncle Dudley instead.


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