DC Multiverse Batwing

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DC Multiverse Batwing

A little late to the party with this figure, as I was waiting for it to go on sale at Amazon. I didn’t quite feel like buying the full wave this time as I really didn’t like the whole Jim Gordon as a government-sanctioned Batman. So I just got Batwing and called it a day.

Mattel went with an interesting choice for the knee joint with this figure, it serves as both a hinge and a rotation joint. I don’t like it as it has a tendency to break. I wish they stuck with the original DCUC joint design.

In the comics, Batwing is actually, Luke Fox, the son of Wayne Enterprises’ tech guru, Lucious Fox. Luke Fox has decided to join the ever-growing Batman family characters as the only guy with a suit that lets him fly. Too bad the toy doesn’t come with an unmasked head.

The wing is a single piece and is not collapsible (no moving joints).

The helmet and suit reminds me of Arkham Knight. I wonder who copied whom…


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