DC Multiverse Batwoman

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DC Multiverse Batwoman

Maternal cousin to Bruce Wayne, Kate Kane attended Military school and later trained under her colonel father to become a crime fighter after being inspired by Batman rescuing her from a mugging.

Unlike her Silver Age namesake, who was romantically linked with Batman at the time, the modern era Batwoman was re-introduced as a lesbian in DC’s 52 comics line in 2006, and was romantically linked with Gotham Police Department’s Renee Montoya.

This figure was released a year or so back as part of the DC Multiverse Clayface wave. The sculpting is decent enough and is a nice addition to the Mattel series of DC figures.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with many accessories. It doesn’t even come with a Batarang.

The sets’ only accessory (apart from the Clayface parts) is an unmasked Kate Kane head (her hair is actually short and she wears a wig with her costume to throw off any suspicions of her secret identity).

The neck joint seems to be made from semi-transparent plastic? I hope it won’t become brittle too easily over time. That would make the head swaps a problem.

If you have the Marvel Legends Legendary Riders Black Widow bike set, you can set it up with Batwoman.

The Batwoman neck peg is too small to properly hold the Black Widow head, sadly.

The good news is that you can still put the head on (it just kinda sits there and can fall off though) and it makes a better “unmasked” Kate Kane figure than the default head.

Due to the lack of a hole in her right hand, she can only hold the handle bars with her left hand. This makes it a bit difficult to make the figure sit properly and balance the bike but it can still be done.

Ride it like you stole it!!!!

Yeah, this bike definitely makes this figure way more better. It’s a shame Mattel never got around to making more vehicles for the Bat Family.


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