DC Multiverse Bizarro 2019

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DC Multiverse Bizarro 2019

Released as a Walgreens exclusive, Bizarro is an all new figure using the new Mattel DC Multiverse body. Meant to be a stand alone release, this figure comes with no CNC parts.

Even the S on his cape is backwards!

Bizarro has had many variations over the years, from being a flawed Superman clone created by Lex Luthor, to an insane copy of Superman created by the Joker when he had cosmic powers.

I’m not quite sure which version of Bizarro this is supposed to be, as his costume is similar in color to Superman (some versions usually present the costume as violet in color than blue).

I think it’s a real shame we didn’t get a proper classic Superman to match with this figure. This new body design has a double jointed knee and better-looking proportions.

He also comes with his “Bizarro #1” medal.

This am not job for Superman!

Last but not least, his Clark Kent disguise.

Yeah, I’m sure this will fool everyone.

As much as I love this figure, it looks too much like Superman than Bizarro, mainly due to the colors. I think I will still be using the old DC Superheroes Bizarro for my Legion of Doom group and maybe keep this guy in his Clark Kent disguise for laughs.


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