DC Multiverse Dr. Psycho wave

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DC Multiverse Dr. Psycho wave

DC Muliverse Dark Knight Returns Wonder Woman
DC Multiverse Wondergirl (Cassandra Sandsmark)
DC Muliverse Dr. Psycho

DC Muliverse Dark Knight Returns Wonder Woman

In the Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns universe, Superman and Wonder Woman are an official couple, having children and all that. Wonder Woman here is seen to be more warrior-like compared to her usual look in the comics.

The lines on the sides of her torso are just painted on.

She comes with her magic lasso, but it’s not removable.

She also comes with a dinky little knife. Wasn’t this supposed to be a sword?

Ugh.. terrible ankle design.

Hmm… undoubtedly the most “macho” Wonder Woman figure in my collection…

Overall, not bad, but not quite as impressive as it should be.

Wondergirl (Cassandra Sandsmark)

Wondergirl is a retool using the Donna Troy mold from the DCUC Wave 13 (CNC Trigon) wave

She comes with her own magic lasso, given by Ares, which channels the lighting of Zeus when she becomes angry.

Indestructible bracelets

I’m really glad they released her, she’s one of the few in-demand characters that have yet to get a figure in the DCUC line. With Mattel losing the license come 2020, we could be looking at one of the last figures of the DCUC-scaled line.

Wonder Women.

Dr. Psycho

Originally possessing mastery of the occult, hypnotism and having supernatural powers, Dr. Psycho is one of Wonder Woman’s earliest adversaries. In more modern times, he is now a powerful telepath, having powers such as mind control and casting illusions.

Oh no, he’s got mind control…. freaky…

The doctor is rarely seen nowadays as a dangerous solo villain in the DC comics, he’s been hanging around with the Secret Society of Super Villains, usually as a background character.

Hmm… reminds me of Hit Monkey BAF from Marvel Legends.

The Full Wave

Wow… so it’s come to this? Only 2 figures to complete a full “wave”? I really wonder what happened to the Mattel DCUC line. For a time it was one of the hottest properties, and it garnered a lot of love from the fans. What happened??

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women…?


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