DC Multiverse Jessica Cruz

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DC Multiverse Jessica Cruz

Yet another new addition to the Green Lantern Corps. Created by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver. She is the 6th Earth-based human to join the Corps. She is partnered with Simon Baz.

She comes with effects parts, which are meant to resemble the effect from the time she gained her powers from the Ring of Volthoom (Power Ring of Earth-3).

Eventually, Jessica was able to break free of Volthoom’s influence by jumping in front of Black Racer (the incarnation of death in the DCU) as it was targeting the Flash, the Black Racer killed Volthoom instead.

Later on, Hal Jordan merges Jessica and Simon’s lantern batteries to force them to work together. She basically has to “share” the lantern with Baz.

Supposedly, her appearance was originally based on actress Penelope Cruz.

She started out as a agoraphobic (someone afraid of going outdoors) be eventually overcame her fears. Supposedly, Simon Baz gains recognition in the future for training Jessica into becoming the greatest Green Lantern of all time?


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