DC Multiverse Justice League Movie Batmobile

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DC Multiverse Justice League Movie Batmobile

Box is huge! Measures roughly 22 x 8 x 13.5 inches.

The set does not come with instructions (at least mine didn’t). But the separately-packed missile pods are supposed to attach here.

I’m really happy Mattel decided to roll out a proper Batmobile for the movie line. The crappy “Epic Strike” Batmobile from BVS was a joke compare to this one.

The vehicle spans roughly 20 inches in length and weighs about 1311 Grams. Supposedly the back of the box says there’s diecast in there (the axels?) but I can’t see it.

My unit has this weird “weathering” paint application. It looks a bit odd and out of place. I don’t know if this is actual intentional weathering or this is some factory defect?

Opening up the canopy is a bit tricky since you can’t see right away where the seams are.

The inside of the car is actually roomy. You can fit in most figures, even ones with plastic capes, in there no problem. It’s still a one-seater though.

The throttle and steering wheel can move, which is pretty cool to discover.

It’s the car, the chicks love the car….

The Batmobile features swiveling guns (the gatling guns don’t roll though, the Mattycollector electronic Arkham Knight Batmobile still holds that honor), along with an anti-tank cannon, some (non-firing) missile racks, but not much else in terms of attack gimmicks, sadly.

It also features pivoting front wheels.

Mattel also released a “high-end” RC version of this Batmobile, which is 20% larger, has electronics, can be driven via smartphone app, and even emits smoke, but at a roughly double the price point. I’m already quite happy with this version, as it fits quite well with the movie figures already and costs roughly the price of only 3 figures (SRP $70 US). I think Mattel did right by fans on this release.

With the rest of the team.

Yeah, I loved this scene from BVS …


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