DC Total Heroes Series

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DC Total Heroes Series 1

Mr Freeze

Not exactly for me, I picked this up for my 4 year old son, as his birthday is coming up soon. I want him to experience opening up a slew of Superhero action figures in one sitting. I think every kid should experience that at least once. .

It’s too bad this case assortment doesn’t have Superman. I had to order the 3 pack from Amazon with Batman and Lex Luthor.


Not really liking the head sculpt

But I do love the S on the cape.


Grrr.. tape marks on the cape..

With the singles version

Lex Luthor

Gun plugs into a socket on his forarm

Not bad, but the body is the same as Mr. Freeze and Cyborg, with added cables.

Detective Batman

Comes with 2 grenades and 1 pair of handcuffs. They can be attached to the back of his belt.

Bat bombs away!

The scale is close to DCUC scale.


Is it just me, or does he look a lot like Namor the Sub mariner?


The Flash

Flash comes with zero accessories


Not too shabby.

With Superman

His cape is based off Batman though..

Mr. Freeze

Removable helmet

Freeze gun (does not come with any firing projectiles).

The gang so far.

I’m still deciding if I should get Hal and Sinestro….

But if you really want a figure from this line, Detective Batman is the way to go!


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