DC Total Heroes Ultra Pack – Green Lantern Corps.

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DC Total Heroes Ultra Pack – Green Lantern Corps.

Well.. here we have the newest 6″ scale line from Mattel. The sculpts and articulation have been simplified and but it’s still better than the “evergreen” Batman line that’s currently clogging the shelves.

I just got this set to bulk up my GL figures, as DCUC never gave us Green Man in comics form (just movie form).

I can’t say I like John’s head sculpt. He reminds me more of a toonified Sinestro.


Green Man

Fortunately, the pegs used for this and the older Green Lantern series neck joints are the same, so the headswap works all around. .


Now it can be argued, that the “two-toed” buck from the GL line might not work for Green Man. But it all depends on which version you’re going with, in some comic images Green Man has traditional “human” feet, but in some he has the “two-toes”. So either way works. .

Alternately, you can just go with the default bod and throw him in with the rest of his GL buddies. .

The accessories are a super fail IMHO. Too long and too heavy for the figure to lift. Terrible..

You can also plug in the DCUC GL figs, but the connection is very loose.

I got to see some loose “samples” of the Total Heroes line at Greenhills, and I think I’ll get some for my son, he loves the Super Friends right now and these seem like the right toys for him, I particularly like the throwback to old cloth capes, reminds me of the old Super Powers line. .


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