DC Universe Classics Batman Unlimited Series 2

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Batman Unlimited Series 2 Dark Knight Returns Batman
Batman Unlimited Series 2 Planet X Batman

Dark Knight Returns Batman

Gotta say, I’m surprised Mattel went for accuracy with Batman’s briefs, using a seperate piece instead of plainly sculpting it in.

Batman comes with only one accessory, his trusty Batarang.

THIS is what happens when you totally let yourself go. ;D

Planet X Batman

For the confused, this figure is officially Silver Age Planet X Batman, but the sculpting is based on the Batman : R.I.P. comic look (tattered costume and all).

Way back in the Silver Age of comics (in 1958), Batman (Bruce Wayne) had several adventures in space, one of which was when he visited Planet X and met his counterpart, the Batman (Tlano) of Planet X/Zur-En-Arrh, who based his methods of crime fighting on the Batman of Earth. While on Zur-En-Arrh, Earth Batman develops Superman-like powers as well (try to catch the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode where they actually showed the story. 🙂 )

In modern times, Grant Morrison reused the Planet X Batman for the R.I..P. storyline, treating the character as a “backup” identity if ever Batman ever came under psychological attack.

Morrison also treated the whole history of Batman’s 50+ years of adventures as the experiences of one single man, from past to present, briefly explaining all of Batman’s adventures in space during the Silver Age as part of Batman’s own psychotic break during his time spent inside an isolation chamber for 10 days when Batman volunteered to join an experiment by Dr. William Hurt. Back in the Silver Age, Hurt was simply a scientist who asked for Batman’s help with isolation experiments, Morrison changed it into Hurt being a master criminal who manipulated Batman into volunteering for the experiment, under the guise of helping Batman understand what it’s like to think like the Joker.

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Batman comes with … a bat! Hah!

Gaudy as this costume is, Zur Batman explains these are the colors of “confidence” as Robin has worn such colors for years.

Mattel also sculpted the Bat-radia into the belt. In the original, the Bat-radia was a gadget used by Tlano/Zur-En-Arrh Batman to disperse molecules into the atmosphere to interfere with his opponent’s gadgets. In modern times, the Bat-radia was a radio gadget that overrides security systems (particularly in Arkham).

Also included in the package is Bat “Might”

Supposedly, Bat Might is a figment of psychotic Batman’s imagination, or as Might calls it, the 5th Dimension (does this mean Superman’s crazy too?)

With Bat “Mite” from the K-Mart Exclusive Silver Age Batman

A man dressed as a colorful bat, with an imaginary friend…. yeaaaah.. who says Batman doesn’t belong in Arkham with the other crazies? 😀


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