DC Universe Classics Series 15 Validus Wave

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DC Universe Classics Series 15 Validus Wave

Golden Pharaoh
Jemm, Son of Saturn
Martian Manhunter
Starman (Ted Knight)
Starman (Jack Knight)
Sinestro Corps Batman

Golden Pharaoh

OMAC, One Man Army Corps.

LOL, that’s one crazy Mohawk!

Jemm, Son of Saturn

Jemm is taller than the average DCUC figure.

Holy acromegaly Batman!

Raven (Fan’s choice poll winner)

Personally I would’ve preferred the more contemporary look (with boots and belt) rather than the classic look.

J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter

Probably the most requested DCUC figure in a while, I’m happy to see he finally made it into the line. 🙂

J’onn is shares a connection with Jemm, as he helped the Son of Saturn.

Finally! The JLA main 7 is complete!

Starman (Ted Knight)

Comes with Cosmic Rod

And a gun?

Starman (variant, Jack Knight)

When Ted retired, his son Jack took up the mantle of Starman, it’s too bad they didn’t give Jack his own bio card, instead he shares the same card as his father. They also share the same CNC part.

Sinestro Corps Batman

Batman wearing the Sinestro Corps colors only appeared in a few Panels in the comics, Batman fought off the ring trying to attach to his finger.

Comes with Batarang construct

Wave 15’s CNC figure Valdius (from the Fearsome Five, enemies of the Legion of Superheroes)

Wave 15


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