DC Universe Classics Series 20 Nekron Wave

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DC Universe Classics Series 20 Nekron Wave

Hawk (Hank Hall)
Dove (Dawn Granger)
Red Arrow (Roy Harper)
Green Arrow (Modern)
Sinestro (Yellow Lantern)
Flash (White Lantern)
Reverse Flash



Hawk and Dove

Red Arrow

Red Arrow comes with 3 arrows, impressively, they are new and not reuses of the ones that came with Green Arrow.

Green Arrow

Sadly, This version of GA does not come with any accessories aside from his bow.

His hood is not removable

(New body) Sinestro Corps Sinestro

I wonder why they scrapped the Yellow Lantern design in favor of a repainted GL Lantern?

I am soooo glad Mattel fixed this and gave us a proper version of Sinestro. I mean, look at the difference!!

Now all we need is someone to go back and fix Cheetah

White Lantern Flash

I really don’t know why Mattel would waste a character slot on this figure. Sigh… mine even came with a missing “wing” on his left leg.

Hey, Barry, Superman called, he wants his “S” back.

At least they threw in a “ringed” hand for the figure. Whee…

Reverse Flash

He comes with his Lightning Rod.

Mirror Master is scheduled to roll out in the MattyCollector subscription line. I’ll post a pic of the Flash Rogues together once he’s out.


Good detailing here.

Sigh… too bad the figure does not come with a scythe.

Black Lanterns… RISE!!!

DCUC Wave 20 group shot

Whew.. Well that wraps up the DCUC CNC line. Wave 20 is the last wave that will have the CNC concept. From here on, DCUC Will be “rebooted” as the DCUC All Star series and will have only 4 figures per wave now, aside from the 9 figures that are scheduled to come out in annual subscription line and various figures from the Batman Legacy line.


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