DC Universe Classics Series 3 Solomon Grundy Wave

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DC Universe Classics Series 3 Solomon Grundy Wave

Green Lantern
Solomon Grundy

Supposedly Mattel will release a “longer neck” version of this figure. Otherwise, he appears too short.

Variant Sinestro Corps. uniform.

Deathstroke the Terminator comes with a staff, a rifle, a sidearm and a sword. I’m pretty sure this is the most accessory-laden DC 6″ figure Mattel has ever released thus far.

Comes with his trademark batons.

I really love the sculpt of this figure.

Escrima Sticks can be stored on his back

Vs Deathstroke.

The Original Dynamic Duo

Comes with his staff and 2 Batarangs.

A nice figure but mine has an over painted right eye. Plus the yellow edge of his collar is painted a bit unevenly.

The Dynamic Duo

The Bat-family

Last but not least, Hal Jordan.

Vs his arch-enemy Sinestro

The Collect and Connect figure. Solomon Grundy. The Super Zombie.

The Four Horsemen really did this guy good.

Though not really a part of Batman’s Rogues gallery, Solomon Grundy here fought him a lot of times over the decades.

The JLA main seven so far.

The Legion of Doom so far.

Edit: Oops, just realized I forgot to include Black Manta in the pic.


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