DC Universe Classics Series 4 Despero Wave

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DC Universe Classics Series 4 Despero Wave

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman (Artemis variant)
Captain Atom
Batman Beyond
Batman Beyond (Unmasked Terry Mcginnis variant)

Wonder Woman – it’s too bad her lasso isn’t removable.

Bullets and Bracelets


For a time, Diana was replaced by Artemis as Wonder Woman.

I think it works better if she’s posed holding the bow this way.

Yeah… it kind of sucks that the arrow is attached to the bow,

Very great sculpting detail

With Wonder Woman


Removable fists for placing accessories.

Captain Atom

Batman Beyond

Unmasked Batman Beyond (Terry Mcginnis)

Removable “mask” accessory

Ares- the God of War

Unfortunately, his movement is limited by the skirt and shoulder armor.

Sword and axe can be hung on his belt.

Versus Wonder Woman

CNC Figure : Despero


Rifle can be placed on his back

Despero here can actually be added to the JLA lineup since at one time, the robot called L-Ron took over Despero’s body and joined the JLA Task Force (he was one of the good guys during “Zero Hour”).

With SDCC 2008 Lobo (sigh.. Mattel can be lazy at times)


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