DC Universe Classics Series 8 Giganta Wave

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DC Universe Classics Series 8 Giganta Wave

Commander Steel
Dr Fate (Classic)
Dr Fate (Modern)
Mister Terrific
Parademon (Classic)
Parademon (Modern)
Gentleman Ghost

Dr. Fate

The accessory plugs into his fingers.

Modern Dr. Fate (supposedly the son of Hawkman and Hawkgirl)

Most of the complaints for modern Dr. Fate is that the amulet seems elevated, it’s not too bad IMHO.

Commander Steel

Mr. Terrific

The T-Spheres can be removed

Vigilante.. DC’s answer to the Punisher.

Uzi and magnum handguns

Parademon – Super Powers type.

Supposedly the neck joint on this figure is weak? At least that’s what I’ve read online.

Green Parademon – modern comics version (variant)

Soo…. Darkseid buys his guns in China ,eh?

Compared with the variant – same body, different arms and legs.

Gentleman Ghost (comes with small Atom figure)

I really love the “fade” detail on this one.

Hawkgirl – comes with mace, dagger and spear.

As cool as this figure is, the downside is that her head can’t move

Reincarnated lovers

The Hawks versus Gentleman Ghost.

The CNC figure of wave 8 : Giganta

CNC figures so far


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