DCUC All Stars 2012 Series

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DCUC All Stars Wave – New 52 Batman, Superman, Superboy Prime and Red Robin

New 52 Superman

I’m surprised they painted the “S” on his cape, although it’s not a complete S.

In the New 52, Superman is all alone, both ma and pa Kent have passed away, Clark and Lois were never a couple and currently, Superman has “killed” his Clark Kent identity.

His costume is basically a battle armor, but in his civilian identity, it “transforms” into an ordinary white “long underwear”. Which makes sense since how can Clark fit an armor under his civies??

New 52 Batman

OK, hands down, the best Batman figure from DCUC yet! I love the look of this figure!

New 52’s Superman and Batman.

Superboy Prime

I really don’t like this figure, as a character (spoiled brat Clark Kent?) and as an action figure. The look on his face hardly resembles Superman or Superboy. Weird.

From what I know, Prime was finally able to go back to his home dimension, but is now reviled as everyone knows what he did in the DCU (killed off heroes, alternate Earths and their heroes). Terrible, terrible use of a once “heroic” character.

Whoa.. too tall.

Red Robin

He can only grip his staff with his left hand.

Hmm.. Tim’s been working out?

As much as I love this figure, he’s a bit too tall next to Batman.

DCUC All Stars 2012 group shot.


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