DCUC Superman Rogues Collection 2012 Group Shot

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DCUC Superman Rogues Collection 2012 Group Shot

I realize Solomon Grundy is in there, but he is officially listed as a Superman villain too.


I included Chemo, since after a short look at his history, apart from fighting his real foes, the Metal Men, he seems to have only fought Superman, on more than one occasion too.

I do wish Mattel gives us a General Zod somehow. He is, after all, one of the few beings who match Superman’s power set without actually looking like Superman! (sigh… Bizarro, Superboy Prime, Cyborg Supes, Ultraman, enough already, DC!)

Funfact: Ultra Humanite is Superman’s first supervillain, not Lex Luthor. So he has the distinction of being Superman’s oldest arch enemy!


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