DeCool Super Heroes (“Not Lego”) Batman Begins Tumbler Batmobile

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DeCool Super Heroes (“Not Lego”) Batman Begins Tumbler Batmobile

Well, well, this is a nice surprise. I usually stay away from bootlegged Legos as they usually have problem in terms of staying connected, but after my friend raved about this one I just had to pick it up for my son. It’s really very, very well done for a K.O.

It’s based off the Lego “Batman The Tumbler : Joker’s Ice Cream Surprise” set, but this set doesn’t come with the Ice Cream truck, but I’m just fine with that.


Seats 2 figures

Lol… Joker and Batman, the new Dynamic Duo? .

To properly close the canopy, you have to lie them down a bit though.

Firing rubber Bat-missile


Normal face

Smirking face


Normal Face

Smiling face

If you’ve got kids, and are working on a toy budget, then I strongly recommend this set. It’s really, really good. Even for a K.O. the quality of the brick connection is good as legit Lego and it’s still 200 times better than Kreo (seriously, those Kreo Transformers are just terrible, some of the bricks pop off all the time, not an issue here!)

The other DeCool sets are also pretty cool, I just might pick those up too… for my son, of course. .


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