Diamond Select John Wick

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Diamond Select John Wick

John Wick’s dog’s name is Daisy. Not bad sculpt work on this beagle, but, sadly, it lacks any articulation.

Funfact: “Daisy” was actually played by a male dog named Andy, supposedly. I guess they decided to make the dog female in the movie to let its death have more impact on the audience?

The retired super-assassin, John Wick, went on an epic killing spree when Russian mobsters robbed him and kill his dog, the last gift from his deceased wife. A simple premise, but three movies in, it doesn’t seem like this saga is going to come to a close anytime soon. Killing spree indeed.

Sheesh! This “tie” just won’t set down, it’s ridiculous! I didn’t want to use the “heat and reset” method here since it seems like the tie might become sticky later on if I do that. I wonder if putting on some blue tack to add weight to it will work and straighten it out over time?

Thankfully, this figure comes with rocker ankle joints, which makes for great poses.

With Daisy

In the world of John Wick, the organized crime runs on their own kind of currency to expedite exchange of goods, represented by this gold coin. While its monetary value compared to money in the “real world” is never explained, it’s speculated that a single coin would be equivalent to anywhere between $2500-$4500 US, due to the goods and services that John pays for every time he uses a coin.

This set comes with various guns, all of which appeared and was used by John Wick in the first movie, which this figure is based on. All of his weapons are based on real-world objects.

Microtech Ultratech OTF automatic knife

Heckler & Koch P30L with custom compensator and a holstered Glock 26. I can’t find a spot for the Glock to hook onto on the figure. But it’s supposed to be on his left hip.

For the most part, Wick’s go-to firearm in the opening firefights is his H&K P30L.

Customized Coharie Arms CA-415, with EOTech 553 holographic sight and vertical foregrip.

Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun

After escaping capture, John arms himself with this weapon he “borrows” from his attackers. Interesting trivia, the KSG holds two magazine tubes, capable of holding 7 rounds of 2.75″ shotgun shells, for a total max capacity of 14 rounds.

Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout sniper rifle

Another weapon Wick “liberates” from one of his enemies’ guards, before using them on other snipers in the area.

Overall, a great figure. The sculpt is dead-on in terms of likeness for Keanu Reeves. The gun accessories were well researched. I only wish they sculpted his shoulders a bit better, in some poses they seem kind of drooping, which gives a lousy look for this bad-ass character.

The only real downside is the height, since this is a Diamond Select figure, it’s 7.5 inches tall. I would’ve liked to get the Mafex version since it scales better with other figures in my collection but I always hear horror stories about their joints, so I decided to grab this release instead for my John Wick figure.

To borrow the joke from Honest Trailers, A Dog’s Purpose.


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