Diamond Select The Real Ghostbusters Ray Stanz

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Diamond Select The Real Ghostbusters Ray Stanz

The heart of the team, Ray can be naive but it’s his childlike personality that makes him the most likeable among the Ghostbusters. He usually helps design ghost busting equipment with Egon or does maintenance on the Ecto-1 with Winston.

I’m not entirely sure how to remove the Proton Pack, the shoulder straps seem like they can be removed but I don’t see how to remove the belt buckle for the waist?

Sigh… poor QC..

PKE (Psycho Kinetic Energy) Meter for tracking ghosts.

The ghost trap can be equipped onto the pack, sadly, the “cord” for the trap is a bit tricky to loop around the intended hook, sigh…

Ghost trap out!

The set also comes with gloved hands for Ray, though the GB wore gloves only occasionally.

As a homage to the vintage Kenner toyline, Diamond Select decided to color the proton streams in the same manner as how it was back then. Unlike the movie figures and in the TV series which all had just one color, the Kenner toyline gave each character a unique color for his proton stream. Ray comes with a orange proton stream.

Too bad Ray doesn’t come with a pair of Ecto Goggles. That would’ve been a neat add on.


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