DNA Design DK-19 Upgrade Kit for Earthrise Scorponok (Cannon and Leg shields)

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DNA Design DK-19 Upgrade Kit for Earthrise Scorponok (Cannon and Leg shields)

The set comes with “Twin Pulse Blasters” that have additional articulation for adjustable cannon directionality. The set also features optional leg shields that make the scorpion mode sides look bigger.

An optional visor is included for the robot mode. Do note that due to the nature of pegs on Scorponok’s helmet horns being relatively short from the outset, the horns tend to pop off even more easily when this visor is equipped.

Plate cover for the ankle gaps in robot mode.

The new optional leg shields connect here in robot mode.

In robot mode, the “Fusion-powered Anti-gravity Gun” plugs into a hole on Scorponok’s claw.

The Fusion-powered Anti-gravity Gun can also be plugged into the Scorpion mode’s tail.

Unfortunately, due to the size of the gun’s muzzle, you can’t equip any of the effects parts Scorponok comes with, they’re just too small to fit.

DK-19 and 21 equipped on the battle station mode.

DK-19 and 21 equipped on the scorpion mode.

Finally, DK-19 and 21 equipped on the robot mode.

The clear visor and clear face shield really improve this figure.

The same goes for the new multi-directional Twin Pulse Blasters, equipping all four instead of just the original two really makes Scorponok look menacing.

Scorponok’s effects parts can still be plugged into the new Twin Pulse Blasters.

The Fusion-powered Anti-gravity Gun is my primary reason to get this upgrade kit. Hasbro really should’ve included it for Scorponok.

Overall, a good set. I love the Fusion-powered Anti-gravity Gun and it’s really big!

However, the extras on this set aren’t really that great though, the clear visor lessens the connection area of the helmet horns and I wish they included an alternate set of horns to address that issue, while the leg shield panels are a nice bonus, they don’t really do anything other than add to the thickness of the legs. I think I would’ve been happy if they just gave us the guns without the other pieces and charged us cheaper for the set.


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