DNA Design DK-21 Upgrade Kit for Earthrise Scorponok (Shield and Scorpion legs)

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DNA Design DK-21 Upgrade Kit for Earthrise Scorponok (Shield and Scorpion legs)

Similar with the DK-19 set, this set also comes with optional “Twin Pulse Blasters” for Scorponok’s shoulders. The blasters have additional articulation for adjustable cannon directionality.

The Twin Pulse Blasters can be plugged onto the shoulders of the scorpion mode.

The DK-21 set features articulated legs for the scorpion mode. While it is a nice option set. I just decided not to install it, as it does require some work to unscrew the default legs and swap around each of the lower legs of the scorpion mode. It just didn’t seem worth the effort as I hardly plan to use the scorpion mode anyway and I’m fine with the default legs.

The shield can be disassembled and the center piece connected to the ramp in battle station mode.

This part is a bit of a let down though, this piece sort of just sits there. It doesn’t seem right…

The sides of the shield can fold and then connect to the sides of the towers.

The same goes for scorpion mode, they serve as additional armor plates for the pincers.

In scorpion mode, the “ramp” neatly stores under the tail section.

In robot mode, the shield looks VERY impressive. however, you still need Scorponok’s default shield piece to make it work.

A clear red plastic visor piece is included with this set for the robot mode. It does require unscrewing the default visor and swapping it out, including the screw.

DK-19 and 21 equipped on the battle station mode.

DK-19 and 21 equipped on the scorpion mode.

Finally, DK-19 and 21 equipped on the robot mode.

The clear visor and clear face shield really makes this figure look even more awesome.

The same goes for the new multi-directional Twin Pulse Blasters, equipping all four instead of just the original two really makes Scorponok look extra menacing.

Scorponok’s effects parts can still be plugged into the new Twin Pulse Blasters.

Overall, not bad, but I think this set isn’t really a must have. The scorpion legs are a nice touch but seems like too much work. The shield is probably the best reason to get this set, but even still, I find the shield too big and it does feel a bit heavy, I’m worried the shield might damage the arm or shoulder joints over time? If I had to pick just one set, I’d prefer the DK-19 over the DK-21.


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