DNA DK-23 Earthrise Titan Class Scorponok Legs Upgrade Kit

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DNA DK-23 Earthrise Titan Class Scorponok Legs Upgrade Kit

Box is fairly big. Measures 8.5 x 12 inches in dimension.

The screws and filler pads are packed separately in a baggie.

The bag should contain 12 screws and 16 foam pads for the joints.

You will have to remove these ratchet clips from the original toy and transfer them to the upgrade parts. You can also squeeze in some of the foam pads into the pieces to “fatten” them up so that the resistance for the ratchets are tighter.

The added height is substantial.

When all is said and done, you roughly added 1.5 inches to Scorponok’s overall height.

Plus, the added pieces improve his overall proportions.

EDIT: Whoops… apologies, in my haste to get this gallery done, I totally forgot to flip out Scorponok’s toes. I guess I’ll have to redo this set at some point down the road. lol.. I must be getting old.

Scorponok’s new height would be roughly 22.5 inches (23 if you count the tip of his shoulder cannons)

Finally! I’ve gotten all 3 upgrade sets onto this guy. Lol.. the total of these 3 upgrade kits is the equivalent of one Scoponok figure at full price. Kinda pricey when you think about it.

Overall, I think the sets are really well worth prices and are a must have to have the best version of Titan Class Scorponok (with maybe the exception of the shield set, you can pass on that one if you’re tight on funds). The added height just makes him much more impressive and he stands so much better next to Titans Return Fortress Maximus now. The optional added padding to make the ratchet joints tigher is also a nice bonus to the overall figure. It’s a solid recommend for me.


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