Dragon Ball Dragon Stars World Martial Arts Tournament Playset

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Dragon Ball Dragon Stars World Martial Arts Tournament Playset

I honestly had no idea the Dragon Stars line was already this expansive. Cool.

Box is decently big, spanning about 17 x12 x 3.5 inches in dimension.

Placement of objects in the box.

A recreation of the World Martial Arts Tournament stage from the Dragon Ball series. This set was meant to go along with Bandai’s Dragon Stars toyline. But somehow, I feel that the scale is a bit off. I think this would work better for 3.75 inch figures, if Bandai actually had any 3.75 Dragon Ball figures out there.

The assembled set spans roughly 17 x 12.5 x 11.5 inches in dimension.

Do note that the set features some rubbery parts (for child safety I imagine), hopefully these roof ornaments wont break down or deteriorate over time?

I love the details and various textured tooling used on the stage.

Of course, my main consideration for getting this set is so my S.H. Figuarts figures have a place to hang out, even though the scale can be a bit off-putting.

Geez… and to think S.H. Figuarts are a bit smaller compared to the actual Dragon Stars figures.

For play features, the set has the option to be “destroyed” after a big battle. Pretty cool. While nothing is automatically destroyed (you have to move stuff manually), the overall visual effect is decent enough.

The floor plate can be replaced with a “crater” plate.

The left side wall can be knocked down.

While the banner can be tilted to resemble being knocked to the side.

lol… I probably should’ve used Yamcha for this pose, but I was too lazy to dig him out.

Overall, a pretty decent set. I do wish It was larger so the scale won’t seem so wonky next to the figures, but it is what it is. The “destroyed” stage is a nice bonus and I am glad Bandai added something to spice this set up. The best part about this set was the price. It’s a real bargain for a diorama piece and I think that’s probably it’s biggest selling point. It sure got me into buying it.


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