Dragon Stars Kid Buu

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Dragon Stars Kid Buu

The original, raw, pure form of Majin Buu, before he absorbed any of the Elder Kais. Extremely powerful, relentless and purely evil, this unpredictable creature has no restraint and does anything he desires on a whim.

It’s a shame the figure only comes with extra hands and no effects parts.

With S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan Full Power Son Goku, admittedly, the scale is a bit off, Kid Buu should be shorter than this, practically “kid Gohan” sized. Ah, well…

Overall, a somewhat satisfying purchase, mainly due to the low price tag. I wasn’t sure if Bandai would ever get around to making this character for the S.H. Figuarts line, so I just grabbed him from the Dragon Stars toyline to wrap up the Majin Buu crew. He doesn’t quite scale perfectly well with the other S.H. Figuarts figures, but at least it’s something.


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