Evolution Toys Dynamite Action Mazinger enemy King Dan X-10

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Evolution Toys Dynamite Action Mazinger enemy King Dan X-10

Be mindful of the horns, they look like they break easily.

Kingdan weighs 187 Grams.

Kingdan’s powerset mostly involved him making hologram copies of himself to confuse Mazinger.

These are a bit pricey (around $160-180 each). They don’t come with much accessories and are Anime Import Exclusives (supposedly the pre-painted ones limited to 300 pieces each?) I’m not entirely sure if these are PVC or resin but they are a bit on the heavy side.

The magnets are super strong so there’s no issue with the figures toppling over or falling apart in your hands. But I’d still take actual action figure joints over magnets anyday.

Evolution recently revealed they’re also releasing Glossam X2, Toros D7, Jenoba M9 later on. Also currently released is General Julicaesar from Great Mazinger. Considering the scope of how many Kikaiju appeared on Mazinger Z, this might get too cost-prohibitive if they start making them all. So it might be a good idea to just get the ones you’re familiar with.

But you have to admit, they do look good next to the Soul of Chogokin villains. .

With Soul of Chogokin Doublas M2 and Garuda K7

With the Gx-01R


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