Fans Toys FT-10 Phoenix (Transformers Masterpiece Jetfire)

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Fans Toys FT-10 Phoenix (Transformers Masterpiece Jetfire)

Phoenix only comes with his rifle as his weapon. To be fair, Jetfire never really had any other weapons in the show.

He also comes with some extra parts, namely, a spare chest plate, spare clear “eyes” for light-piping purposes and an attachment for the flight stand. Sadly, Phoenix does not come with a flight stand. You will have to borrow one from Swoop/Soar or Galvatron/Sovereign.

I took the liberty of adding an Autobot symbol on his chest, just for show accuracy. I do wish I knew where to find plastic molded versions of the logo plate for this guy.

In the G1 series, Jetfire appeared only in a handful of episodes, then, was never heard from again. He was pretty big and was known to serve as a transport carrier for the Autobots.

With his former buddy, Starscream, from before the Great War.

Vehicle mode.

I realize Phoenix is slightly mis-transformed, as I had trouble trying to split his legs apart during the transformation. It was insanely tight. I only managed to pull one of the legs free but couldn’t do it on the opposite side for fear of breaking the leg joints. The transformation looks decent enough even without the legs being repositioned. If you’re having trouble with the legs like me, then don’t force it, as it isn’t really worth the possible joint breakage. It will still look fine.

C0ckpit canopy opens.

Phoenix weighs 1343 Grams and stands roughly 14.5 Inches tall.

Diecast parts are located in his feet, inside his lower legs and in the landing gears. He is impressively heavy.

Since Takara seems to be taking its time rolling out Masterpiece figures. I gave up and started going Third Party to accelerate my collection. Fans Toys did a really impressive job with the Dinobots and Jetfire/Phoenix here is just as impressive. I’m really glad I picked him up (despite the huge problem with the hips/legs during transformation).

Here’s hoping Fans Toys reissues Perceptor, the Insecticons and Reflector.


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