Fansproject G3 trailer for Classics/ Henkei Optimus Prime.

Fansproject G3 trailer for Classics/ Henkei Optimus Prime.

Be sure to open the box from the right side, since the manual is concealed in a pocket in the inner tray backdrop.

Tray comes with extra space for you to put Prime in.

The trailer

“camouflage mode” – There’s an extra coating of film to protect the mirror shine, you can opt to removed it or leave it on.


Roller expands to accommodate the “energon case”, which is one of the accessories for the TF Con exclusive Powered Commander armor.

The ejector release for Roller is the connection port for Prime in truck mode

With Prime

Transform and Roll out!

Expanding port for connecting to the Powered/DIA Commander armor

Base and Maintenance mode.

A really great gimmick here is when you raise the turret the cannons flip out automatically.

Raise the rear bumper to 45 degrees so it can support the trailer standing up.

Weapons for Hound, Grimlock, Bumblebee, Mirage, Sideswipe. I prefer to leave them on the tree though, as they can’t be properly stored in the trailer hanging once they’re removed from the tree.

Weapons storage

Overall a great item from Fansproject. I really, really like this toy, way more than the Masterpiece trailer. I’d give the toy a full 5/5 if it came with Prime. But seeing as how that’s impossible, then I’d have to give it a 4.5


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