Funko Game of Thrones “The Wall” Playset

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Funko Game of Thrones “The Wall” Playset

Box was surprisingly big! Measures 14″ x14″ x 6″

Box says it can display up to 25 figures.

Tyrion Lannister

From the (now concluded) Game of Thrones series on HBO, Tyrion Lannister comes with this “Wall” set. Quite a strange choice for a figure to include with this set, since I don’t recall him actually fighting on the wall. I think a Jon Snow figure would’ve been a better fit? Either way, this set went on clearance in the US (going to as low as $15 USD).

Tyrion comes with a goblet…. not even a small sword, but a goblet! To defend the wall???

His cape is removable, but there’s no real point, since his articulation is really limited.

The Wall, it can stand even without the base plate plugged in.

Lol.. assembly required. But no instructions included. The build is very poor when assembled and feels like it can come apart with the faintest effort. Was this an intentional gimmick in terms of design? Or just poor execution from the factory?

Fully assembled

The base also features foot pegs, but the pegs are too big for the small holes on Hasbro’s figures. I don’t recommend using them on the Joes, it might ruin, or break the peg.

Not too shabby, but one shouldn’t really pay more than 20 bucks for this set, as the set doesn’t really offer much other than a backdrop and the build for the top section is a mess.

The set is quite big, thanks to the base plate, the set, once fully assembled, measures 15.5″ x 11″ x 10.5″ in dimension.

With some of the Joe arctic specialists members.

I think the set works best without all the lumber.

You can even split the set and use the base separately, it totally works!

Overall, as a diorama, I love it, it’s a great fit for cold-weather themed Joe figures and gives them a place to hang out in. I might try to get another one if I spot a good deal on it on Ebay, since I prefer wide dioramas, instead of tall ones.


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