Funko Pop! 103 SDCC 2022 Unicron

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Funko Pop! 103 SDCC 2022 Unicron

Since this is a jumbo-sized Funko Pop! Figure, his box is much, much bigger than usual. Spanning 13x 12 x 8.5 inches in dimension.

Originally released as an SDCC 2022 exclusive, a local shop was able sell some at a discount at the recent 2023 Toy Kingdom Warehouse sale event. This was actually an impulse buy since I was already there and nothing else was worth two glances.

Of course, like most Pops!, this figure doesn’t have any articulation except for the head.

Similar to the Haslab figure, this Unicron’s wings are sticking out from its shoulders.

While I don’t really collect Funko Pops! that much, the sight of the figure really does leave an impression. Admittedly, the figure wasn’t really on sale, it was closer to the original actual SRP marked down from an elevated price (from 2500 PhP down to 1000 PhP).

Next to Earthrise Optimus Prime.

Overall, not bad, I guess. At least I didn’t pay elevated prices for this item, so there is that. Of course, like the other Pops! in my collection, I’ll probably keep this thing sealed forever.


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