G.i. Joe 1985 Cobra Hydrofoil

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G.i. Joe 1985 Cobra Hydrofoil

Lamprey – Vehicle driver

Pulling on this tab will retract the “skis” underneath.

Removable engine cover and depth charges

Mounted turrets


Opening hatches

Steering wheel and command console.


Pushing on this plunger reveals the missile launchers.

Admittedly I don’t have the searchlight lens. It’s just too dang expensive to pay for it.

I think this may well be my favorite Cobra water-attack vehicle.

I was hoping to put some 25th Anniversary Lampreys (from the Defense of Cobra Island set) and Cobra Eels into the shot but then I remembered they were all in storage and I couldn’t get to them on the weekend. Ah well… maybe next time…


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