G.i. Joe 2015 – Silent Strike vehicle battle set

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G.i. Joe 2015 – Silent Strike vehicle battle set

Box is huge!!! 22.5” x 13.5” x 4”

Note that the tray really has a blank space. This used to house the vest for the HISS Driver figure before they decided to pre-attach the vest to the figure.

HISS Driver

I like the reuse of the Armored Cobra Commander body, but I loath the silly vest.

HISS Gunner

They’re essentially the same figure, just with different “pants”… lol..

The Orange HISS Tank

I like the rail guns. A very nice modern take on this vehicle.

One side note, this vehicle comes disassembled, but assembly is only one-way. Meaning you can’t take it apart anymore once you slap the halves of the tank together.


I like the colors on this version of Ace. Not too crazy about the miss-painted eyes though. The painted eyes on the version that came with the 30th Anniv. Skystriker looked better.

The Red Hood!!!

Lol… parachute or fanny-pack? You decide!


This figure was made in honor of a Gi Joe collector who passed away not too long ago. I think it’s cool of Hasbro to make this figure for him.

Knife and pistol

Shovel and Radio

Sniper Rifle


These two are supposed to be the members of a new team concept Hasbro is spinning now, the Wolf Squad. I’m not sure who else is going to be a part of this new team (man, for an “elite” team, the Joes sure have a lot of… erm, “elite” subteams….)

Wolf Squad Skystriker

Wolf Squad Gooooooooooo…

C0ckpit still only fits one figure.

Looks like Hasbro cut costs and removed the flip up HUD

Let the battle begin!

I’d like to thank my wife for lugging this thing home all the way from Singapore. .


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