G.i. Joe 25th Anniversary 5packs wave 2

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G.i. Joe 25th Anniversary 5packs wave 2
-General Hawk
-Lady Jaye
-Snake Eyes

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General Hawk is sporting a lighter shade of brown, but has a “toon-accurate” helmet. His backpack also sports a lighter shade of green and Hasbro removed the grey streaks in his hair.

Snake Eyes comes with a better version of Timber, but still not quite “toon-accurate” since he’s lacking the black stripe down his back.
Snake Eyes comes with a huge backpack, uzi(not shown), sword and rifle.


With Timber from the single pack.

Personally I feel the “Pyramid of Darkness” SE is the more toon-accurate version due to the dark purple colors. But your mileage may vary.

SE’s sword has painted Arashikage markings, the one from the “Pyramid of Darkness” pack does not.


Finally, a Flint with gloves! Also comes with his backpack and a better looking shotgun and sidearm.

Lady Jaye

Again, a great “toon-accurate” version of Lady Jaye, the figure sports all new sculpts and has a more “femine” look compared to the “Weather Dominator” pack figure.

Her staff has been “beefed-up” compared to the puny staff in the “Weather Dominator” version.

Compared with the single card Lady Jaye.

Shipwreck comes with a Speargun, revolver handgun, a “man-purse”, hook with rope(not shown) and Polly the Parrot.

Definitely better more “toon-looking” than the single-carded figure. He’s not a simple repaint and he’s gained a bit of weight though.

Tattoos and sleeve details.

Polly attaches to the “man-purse”


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