G.i. Joe 25th Anniversary~ Attack on Cobra Island 7pack

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G.i. Joe 25th Anniversary Attack on Cobra Island 7pack

-Altitude (Ripcord)
-Wet suit
-Hit and Run


Basically a retool/repaint of Torpedo. Sadly, he has trouble holding his spear gun, he’s also missing his underwater searchlight. I wish Hasbro could’ve at least given him “Viper” boots to make him look more like his vintage counterpart.


From what I understand there’s a “grey shirt” Chuckles? His “Hawaiian shirt” here isn’t exactly cartoon accurate but it sure beats a plain, grey colored shirt.


In the cartoons, Ripcord had movie star looks, the headsculpt here is a reuse of Red Star’s head from the 2pack

His air hose doesn’t connect to anything *gasp!*

Hit and Run

A repaint of Airborne with a Jetpack harness from the DVD 5pack Duke.

Zap – the last remaining figure needed to complete the original 13 GiJoe members from the Marvel Comics.

Outback- a repaint from the FLAK cannon vehicle pack, his shirt is now grey instead of white.

Thankfully, this figure comes with his backpack this time. 🙂


Removable hat (Eh? Errol Flynn??)


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