G.i. Joe 25th Anniversary Cobra Boxset

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G.i. Joe 25th Anniversary Cobra Boxset

Inner box

Cobra the Enemy!

Cobra Commander

Comes with only his pistol and removable helmet.


Comes with his MARS (Military Armaments Research Syndicate) case, small machine gun, 2 pistols and…..

….upon opening the MARS case we get another pistol


Comes with her rifle and dagger and backpack.

Cobra Trooper

Comes with his rifle, and removable knife

Storm Shadow

Comes with his bow, a long katana blade, a short sword, and a small dagger (which can be sheathed in his belt).

Thoughts on the line:
-Well, after 25 years, the Real American Hero line is back in style. I can say I really like this line but there is definite room for improvement. Most obvious would be the elbows not being able to bend to a 90 Degree angle (check out the Cobra trooper and Duke, that’s about as high as it can bend) So far I think Storm Shadow is the only one who can pose his arm up to a right angle. This is a huge let down for me.

Secondly some of the figures have problems sitting down(due to the design of the groin area). I think this will be a problem for later on if when release the vehicles (The A.W.E Striker jeep and H.I.S.S tanks are on the way).

Thirdly, not all figures have “interchangable” accessories. Case in point, Duke is missing a hole in his back so he can’t “borrow” Gung Ho’s back pack.

Still, the addition of display stands and lots of accessories and excellent detail to the sculpts is a huge plus (along with the File cards!) .

Funfact 1: In the cartoons, Scarlett and Duke had some romantic moments, but in the comics it was Scarlett and Snake Eyes who were a couple.

Funfact 2: Cobra Commander is a used car salesman in the old Marvel Comics!

Funfact 3: The Cobra organization (in the comics) first came to be in a town called “Springfield”


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