G.i. Joe 25th Anniversary Wave 11

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G.i. Joe 25th Anniversary Wave 11

-Cobra Flint
-Pilot Scarlett
-Sgt. Airborne
-Matt Trakker
-Cobra Eel
-Zartan (with Swamp Skier)

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Matt Trakker

Well, it seems that Hasbro finally decided to do something with the MASK rights they acquired when they absorbed Kenner in the 1990s. I wonder if they will spin off the line? But if they do, I don’t see them reissuing the Classic vehicles (too out of scale, the 3.75″ figures are too big to fit in the classic vehicles).

Man, Matt looks angry.. bet Scott and T-bob blew something up again. LOL.

“Spectrum on!”

Matt’s helicopter backpack gear is actually based off the old Destro Annihilator figure (thanks to 1Ringwdforce.for the headsup on this.)


Sgt. Airborne.

Another Indian on the Joe team (the other being Spirit). This guy only appeared in a handful of episodes. But most notably, he was voiced by Peter “I am Optimus Prime” Cullen.

Cobra Eels.

I’ve always wanted these guys since I was a kid.

Flint in Cobra Disguise.

This figure did actually appear in the Cartoon (see “Weather Dominator”)

“In disguise”

Hmm… looks like Flint’s balding.

I decided to army build this one since it was so easy to get him. I’ll just make them my “Cobra Mechanics”. or something.


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