G.i. Joe 25th Anniversary Wave 12

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G.i. Joe 25th Anniversary Wave 12

-Cobra Diver
-Cobra Ninja Viper
-Cobra Trooper
-Crimson Guard (Python Patrol)

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Variant “Black mask” Red Sigil Cobra Trooper.

Tripwire (comes with the Meteor element from the MASS device)

comes with removable/stackable “mines” from his backpack.

Hasbro later repainted Tripwire as Slip Stream, the Conquest X-30 pilot.

Cobra Divers (comes with the Water Element from the MASS device).

Can you say repainted “Torpedo”?

With his “upper-classman” the Cobra Eels (Cobra Divers are later recruited into Eels).

Talk about milking the “Torpedo” figure mold.

Incidentally, the Eels come with two knives while the Diver comes with a knife and a pistol.

“At last!!! The MASS device is complete!!! Your end is near GiJoe”

Python Patrol Crimson Guard.

Straight up repaint of the red CG. I’ll post the team shots later with the “Cobra Legions” update (still opening the new Cobras. )

Dreadnok Ripper

Toon accurate outfit colors, but the haircut’s still wrong.

I’m not planning to open the red sigil Cobra troopers (I prefer the black masked figures over red masked, but army building those is much harder and I already have enough silver sigil Cobra Troopers ).

I’m still debating whether to open the Ninja Viper. Too ugly to army build (seriously…why this shade of green?) but it does make a great “Kamakura”, SnakeEye’s pupil in the Devil’s Due GiJoe comics (he usually wore a green ninja outfit). I’m not sure if the Cobra Logo can be scrapped off though…


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