G.i. Joe 2packs Wave 6

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G.i. Joe 2packs Wave 6
-Snake Eyes and Hard Master
-Beach Head and Dataframe
-Scrap-Iron and Wild Bill

Beach Head and Mainframe (Hasbro Renamed him Dataframe due to Copyright expiry reasons).

This Beach Head sports toon accurate colors and jacket.

With the Single pack Beach Head

I prefer the headsculpt from the single pack but the colors on the comic pack are better.

Alternate “unmasked” head. LOL, for years I wondered what he looked like under the hood. Thanks Hasbro!

Mainframe here is reminscent of the classic figure but he’s not exactly toon accurate enough (no backpack, and the pants should be black). He does come with Dialtone’s gun though.

That’s one bulky laptop!

lol! Floppy disks!!!

SnakeEyes and Hardmaster.

includes weapons rack.

Hardmaster is a retooled SnakeEyes figure (the one with the triple nunchucks) hence the big holes in his chest (where SnakeEyes’ daggers are supposed to be).

To attach the mask just take off the bandana.

Pupil SnakeEyes.

Hard Master was later murdered by Zartan and SnakeEyes was framed, leading to Storm Shadow’s misguided hatred of SnakeEyes through the years (SnakeEyes was later cleared though).

Wild Bill and Scrap Iron

It’s about time we got a toon accurate Wild Bill!

Scrap Iron is most noted for creating the Cobra BATS.

Portable Missile launcher.


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